Graham lives by life motto

With four years of experience Alvis Graham set on a new challenge in collegiate football at Florida A & M University.

Graham is now one of the team captains for the Rattlers. He took on a large responsibility which contributed to their success in becoming MEAC co-champions.

“All the practicing and time and effort we put into each practice and each game finally paid off and it feels good for the team to win no one knows how hard we worked,” Graham said.

Majority of athletes start at a young age, but Graham encountered issues with playing in the city league.

 “I didn’t play football until I was freshman in high school because I was overweight for the city leagues,” Graham said.

He’s only been playing since high school, but he feels like he’s always had natural talent.

 “Every since I was a young boy I’ve always been athletic and good with sports,” Graham said. “When I played my first game and stepped on the field I knew it was where I belonged.”

Graham is living by the motto that hangs on the wall.

“Play every game like it’s your last.”

A new coaching staff followed his first year and he took advantage of that opportunity on his own.

“That gave me the chance to impress the new coaching staff and to show them how much I deserved a starting position,” Graham said.

Graham has started every season after he was red shirted his freshman year.

“My first year was my strongest year because it gave me time to build upon skills and enhance my athletic ability,” Graham said. “Which I proved successful by earning a starting positions my second year.”

He also stresses the support and public feedback from fans.

“People said in my first game I played like a vet, although I made a couple rookie mistakes.” Graham said.

Even though this is his last year he’s working harder than ever before he’s hungry to be in the NFL.

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get me prepared for Pro Day to showcase my skills and what I think I deserve,” Graham said.

His support system that keeps him persevering is his closest loved one.

“My parents and my girlfriend Raven Johnson are who keeping me going and reminding me it’s all worth it in the end,” Graham said.

For this upcoming season Graham believes this is his chance to truly shine and make a difference.

“You either go hard or go home,” Graham said. “At this moment I feel like its do or die and this is crunch time.”