Adeyemi embraces tougher route

Tobi Adeyemi had a different route to Florida A & M University than other athletes.

As a transfer student from University of Albany, Adeyemi found his way from Chicago to Florida.

Coming without a scholarship was one of the obstacles he tackled and a chance he took. He grounds himself in his spiritual roots.

“You never worry and you have to know things will work out for you,” Adeyemi said. “I came here without a scholarship that’s the chance I took, but at the same time I knew what I was capable of and on the field I proved I earned and deserved a scholarship.”

He plays center field and has been playing baseball since he was five. Adeyemi grew to love the sport.

“It’s the most natural thing I ever felt,” Adeyemi said. “It‘s similar to making a jump shot when there is nothing but net.”

Baseball is his outlet.

“It‘s a feeling of calmness and relief when I hit the field,” Adeyemi said.

He was recruited by former Coach Robert Lucas three years ago at a workout in Chicago. With the transition of the new coach Adeyemi thinks it was best and change is good.

“The new coach is great,” Adeyemi said. “He was the assistant coach for two years. I know how he operates and he brought a new energy to the team that has been leading us to success so far. “

Adeyemi talks about how he feels this season compared to the past.

“This season is new and refreshing, Adeyemi said. “The team is more of a team it’s not many individuals on this team.”

He thinks of his team as family they aren’t just teammates to him their home away from home.

He finds his cornerstone in his parents.

“My mom and dad are the most influential people in my life. Without them I wouldn‘t even have the opportunity to keep chasing my dreams”, Adeyemi said.

He aspires to be a professional baseball player.

“I’ll keep chasing my dream until it’s apparent it’s no longer a dream anymore it’s reality” said Adeyemi.