Financial Aid Drops Paper to Cut Costs, Streamline Service

The Office of Financial Aid is going paperless. In an effort to be more sustainable, OFA will no longer send out paper notifications regarding student financial aid by the next school year.

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Marcia Boyd said that over 17,000 notifications are mailed to students each year.

“We’re trying to streamline the process. It’s a cost saving effort and it’s environmentally friendly,” said Boyd.

Not only are thousands of mail notifications sent out each year, but according to Boyd, 40 percent of those notifications are sent back due to bad addresses.

“I think that financial aid going paperless is a good idea as long as the system is up to date, because OURFAMU is known to go out at a moment’s notice,” said Journet Gooden, a fourth year education student from Miami.

Boyd said that it costs the university $10,000 to $12,000 to send out notifications.

“That money can be used to help students learn about debt management or with the university’s deficit,” said Boyd.

Students like the idea of going paperless, but have their concerns about the FAMMAIL address, some wish to use an alternative email address.

“I hope that financial aid will give me an option to use an alternate email address other than my email because I know several people that never check it,” said Robensky Theodore, a third year accounting student from Miami.

Tom Diamond II, a second year pharmacy student from Jacksonville, said he hopes when FAMU goes paperless it sends the notifications out in a timely manner so that students can know what to take action.

“I used to get my paper notifications late, so hopefully the emailed notifications can come on time,” said Diamond.

While the department will be going paperless, Boyd said that freshman and transfer students will still receive mailed information since they may be unfamiliar with the process.

“For continuance students only, our method guide will change. Starting this year, we will only mail postcard indicating when your financial award is ready to be viewed,” said Boyd. “Postcards will also be emailed via FAMU email account.”

For any questions regarding this new process, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 599-3730.