Breyon Love is Student Government President

After serving this year as student body vice president, Breyon Love, a junior accounting student from Conyers, Ga., will reign as Florida A&M University’s 2011-2012 student body president and university trustee.

Love and his administration want to bring much needed change to the FAMU community by enhancing student services, providing better partnerships and developing stronger communications within FAMU.

“A couple of the big things that we want to do is implement a 24-hour study lounge on campus and also do shuttles for freshman on campus once a month, so they can go to Publix or Wal-Mart to get food,” Love said.

He also plans to implement buses at low cost for students traveling home in Florida, extend the hours of the library, and restructure the executive branch to make sure its effective enough to service all the students on campus.

“As far as the board, I think I would definitely want to try to cater more to students as far as giving out more out of state fee waivers or doing some kind of breaks for students,” Love said. “It’s important that in SGA we make sure that the students are getting the best bang for their buck even if tuition goes up a little bit.”

Love added that SGA should make sure students are getting the things that they need and that caters to education, social, and also the student’s excellence experience.

Students and SGA officials are on board with Love’s vision and they express excitement about Love entering into this new position.

Student Government Secretary of Economic Development Aaron Clinkscales, said that Breyon has the intellect, character, and integrity to be a successful student government president.

“I think he has a true passion on some of the things that we need to work on with being very cordial, open and aggressive in making main decisions that are crucial to the student body,” Clinkscales said.

Christine Moore, 19, a sophomore physics student from Naples, Fl, saw Love speak at the Jones hall re-opening.

“The one time I did get to see him speak, I thought he did an amazing job. He was very confident,” Moore said. “He seemed to establish himself very well as far as a large crowd and to me, he just exemplified the spirit of a student leader and to be honest that made me feel like he is in a good position as a president, so I think he will do a good job for next year.”

Love says it feel’s pretty good to be elected as president.

“It’s exciting but I see it as the students putting me to work,” Love said. “The students felt that I could do a great job and that’s what I’m here for. I’ve been doing it since I’ve came to FAMU, it just feels like another year of service.”

Love along with the newly elected vice-president Troy Harris, a business administration student from Atlanta, will take office in May. They plan on having a fully functional cabinet in place by April 4.