Beware: Students Could Lose Possessions to Theft on Spring Break

It’s the week before spring break and while students are planning to have a good time, many are leaving their personal belongings behind.

For many students, once classes are over this week they will be heading to another destination. Whether it be back home to spend time with their families or to another vacation spot just to get away for a little while, students will be leaving Tallahassee.

When the students leave, usually items like their wallets and laptops come with them. Other items like their textbooks and televisions are left behind, leaving them open to be stolen. According to law enforcement officials, during previous spring breaks, there have been reports of students’ items disappearing.

Jonathan Fair, 22, a fourth year architecture student from Tallahassee is going on a trip during the break. He said he already has a plan for his belongings.

“A lot of my identification stuff is coming with me so I’m not too worried about that,” said Fair. “I know my laptop is coming with me. I’ll be taking it to a friend’s house actually. She has a security system.”

While Fair does not live in on-campus housing, he does live near campus. He hopes that even though he doesn’t live on campus that he receives similar protection as those students who do.

“I wish there was heightened police awareness for these types of things, so if they see these types of things in progress or happening they can possibly stop it. Anything that can be done on the city’s behalf would be a little more comforting,” he said.

Students who live on campus are also at risk of having personal items stolen during spring break. Some students think that because they are on a college campus, people will not attempt to take their valuables while they are away, which is not always the case.

Nicole Wiley, 21, a third year biology student from Tallahassee, said she has talked to people who have had items stolen and it has made her more careful when she leaves.

“Although it has never happened to me, I know a couple of people who have had their things taken,” said Wiley. “This one guy I know had his car broken into while he was gone. That’s why I leave my stuff with my parents when I leave.”

Even though theft does occur during spring break, students shouldn’t be afraid to leave their items alone while they are gone.

While classes will stop for the week, law enforcement will not. FAMU Crime Prevention sergeant Sherri Luke said during spring break, FAMU PD is still on patrol.

“During spring break of course, there is a higher chance of property crimes due to students being away,” said Luke. “So we increase the number of officers in the area and the dorm’s area checking property making sure the doors are locked. We ask students to make sure their doors are locked when they leave.”

Luke also says there are many options set in place to protect students and their belongings during the break, like Operation ID.

“Operation ID is a service where an engraving is put on the back of their items,” said Luke. “Once the item is engraved, if the item is stolen, pawned or found anywhere where it is put into a database we can identify the item and return it to the student.”

Luke also mentioned programs like the FAMU Travel Plan, which alerts FAMU law enforcement on how a student is traveling, so they will be better informed just in case something happens to the student.