Women’s History Month: Reflecting on Who We Are

As Black History month ends, National Women’s History month begins. I reflect on how far women have come in this country and being a woman myself, I find it quite endearing that we have a month to display our trials and tribulations to get to where we are today.

Being more than moms, and wives – and there is nothing wrong with that- , but doctors, lawyers, politicians and more. However, many Americans are unaware, or for some they just don’t really care to know, that it’s National Women’s History month. Not to mention the numerous health awareness days/weeks-not saying those are not important, because they truly are- the month of March has as well that in my opinion overshadow the holiday. Oh and let’s not forget St. Patrick’s Day. Its almost as if this month’s holiday either gets very little face time or is completely looked over.

No major TV syndicates change their logos or TV programming to celebrate women’s history. And no, not one of the Lifetime networks count. That’s directed toward women anyway, and for the most part they repeat the same movies every day anyhow.

Anyway, I just think this month needs a little more attention then it gets. And so, I have decided that maybe if we know a little bit of National Women’s History month background then it might just get more play. According to nwhp.org, women of the National Women History Project, we’re tired of having influential women who have made great strides in American history be left out or looked over in school looks, so in 1980 Pres. Jimmy Carter was persuaded to dub the week of March 8th as National Women’s week.

How nice of him…But seven years later, Pres. Ronald Regan and Congress declared March

National Women’s History month and every March there is a presidential issued to pay homage to accomplishments made by women.

So your saying to yourself, “What does it matter, the news gives the holiday all the play it needs.” So what CNN makes reference to national women’s history month for two minutes. As much as women have done for this world and all we get is a measly two minutes?

Some women are probably thinking “Girl, why do you care that all we got was two minutes on CNN? We get recognition year round.” And that is good and well, but think about this, how is it that the month designated to be about women’s history is looked over. I dare you to go out and ask five people you know if they knew it was National Women’s History month and I bet you maybe one of the five can honestly say they knew.

If we can wear green for one day of the month of March, knowing full well that most of us are not Irish…at all, not even once ounce, then we can celebrate the National Women’s History month like it is meant to be. Instead of looking over it, which I know was not the purpose of nationalized in the first place.