Being ‘Mayor’ Has Never Been So Delicious

Foursquare is a social networking site that allows customers to “check in” at local businesses, write reviews and leave tips for future visitors of the business.

Each time a customer “checks in,” they receive points and the customer that “checks in” the most within a week’s time is deemed “the mayor” of that business location.

Many companies are using the social networking website as a form of advertising by offering special promotions and deals. Moe’s Southwest Grill on Apalachee Parkway launched a campaign to give a free cup of Queso to “the mayor” of the location.

“I was on Foursquare and I suggested we incorporate the use of social media to promote coupons and promotions,” said Steve Powell, the store’s general manager. Powell proposed the idea to the owner. During the three-month campaign, Powell said approximately three people check into the location daily, but no one has ousted Powell as “the mayor” of Moe’s Southwest Grill.

“No one has received the promotion at this location yet because it’s for the mayor of the location,” Powell said.

Veronica Hernandez, 22, never imagined that downloading a social networking app to her Android phone would allow her to save money on some of her favorite things.

“I downloaded the Foursquare app because it was the latest social networking craze,” said Hernandez, a fourth-year psychology student from Jacksonville. “I was excited to receive coupons from my favorite stores.”

Moe’s Southwest Grill isn’t the only company that offers deals and promotions through the popular website. Pizza Hut’s corporate marketing department launched a Foursquare promotional campaign in November that offers free breadsticks to “the mayor” of all locations with the purchase of any large pizza.

Tim Motta, the general manager of the Pizza Hut on Tennessee Street, said that only a handful of customers have come in and actually used the promotion.

“I have seen about four or five people use the promotion through Foursquare since its launch back in November,” Motta said. “If people are more aware that the promotion exists, I believe that it could be a very successful tool.”