Senate President Speaks

When former Senate President Iman Sandifer stepped down from his position, student senate pro-tempore Marcie Jackson stepped in and business resumed.

“I think I’m the first person in history to go from senator to Judicial and Rules chair to senate pro-tempore to senate president,” Jackson said.

The 22-year-old business administration student from Wewa, Fla. has been placed on the fast track to leadership with the student body, but if you ask her, her qualities of leadership have been present since she was child.

As the youngest of five, Jackson never let her older siblings intimidate her. In fact, Jackson said she was an outspoken child who was ambitious and business savvy. She recalls selling snacks to her neighborhood for pocket money at the age of nine.

Graduating in April, Jackson’s short term as senate president isn’t deterring her from fulfilling her ideas of leadership.

Jackson said she plans to unify student government association and the student body, conduct structured meetings, update legislation on the SGA website and release biweekly news articles for the Famuan.

However, Jackson’s main concern is communication between SGA and students.

“We are for the students, to govern in a certain way to associate with others to get things done,” Jackson said.

Jackson said she looks forward to more surveys and socials during “Fried Chicken Wednesdays” to resolve student worries, but with all the plans she has set on the table, she still has big shoes to fill as Iman Sandifer was praised for his role as senate president.

Under Sandifer’s leadership as senate student relations committee chairman, the senate was noted for having the most successful Coleman Library Showcase to date with over 800 people in attendance, raising $2400 for Coleman Library’s African-American Collections in fall 2009.

But Jackson’s peers don’t doubt her ability to lead the senate successfully.

“Marcie is a professional and straight-forward leader,” said Senator and Chair of the Internal Development Select Committee Alexandria Collins. “She’s made it clear to us what she plans on doing for the senate and the direction she sees the senate going in down the line.”

Jackson describes herself as dependable, resilient and loyal. She said these characteristics qualify her as president.

Student Relations Committee Chairman Korbin Miles has known Jackson for two years.

“Her professionalism is very admirable and she is always willing to give her all to help others,” Miles said. “Her positive nature also motivates the senate to keep pushing during our busy lives.”