Performers Talk Sex, Love at 5th Language of Lingerie

Warning: this event contained explicit material and may not be suitable for all audiences. Read at your own risk.

For one night only, the secrets of the bedroom are unveiled and clothing is optional.

Poets owned their sexuality as they spoke words of self-pleasing, one night stands, bedroom etiquette and ménage à trois at the 5th Annual Language of Lingerie: Poetic Lyricism’s After Dark Erotic Poetry & Lingerie Modeling Show.

The artists included members of FSU’s Poetic Lyricism, a premier student performing arts organization and FAMU’s poetry and spoken word group, Voices.

The poets delivered a sexual, yet tasteful collection of erotic tales that had the audience interactive and engaged.

Clad in laced lingerie, the models of Reflections Modeling Troupe paraded the stage as poets revealed their innermost sexual desires.

The unisex models provided a seductive visual that complimented the night’s poetry.

This year’s event was sponsored by Godiva Chocolates & Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

Sponsored by Godiva Chocolates & Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Guests indulged in chocolate covered strawberries supplied by Godiva.

Between acts, the crowd danced to music provided by SkidMark DJzSkidMark DJzSkidMark DJz. Comedic host Sammy Martin and provocative Twitter confessions kept the audience in laughter throughout the evening.

Poet and musician Phillip Scott, a third-year music education student from Tallahassee, described the event in three words: humorous, sexy and enticing.

“What sets this show apart from any other poetry show is the creativity that comes from the artist,” Scott said.

Members of Poetic Lyricism and Voices held nothing back during their raw and uncut deliverance.

A poet and treasurer of Poetic Lyricism, Richard Wilson, 21, a fourth-year creative writing student at Florida State University from, Deerfield Beach, Fla., believes the greatest thing about the organization is that each performance takes on a life of its own.

“This year is no different, the theme Poetic Lyricism after dark sets up an interesting dynamic for the poets and models,” Wilson said.

“It captures all emotions, not just sexual,” adds Scott.