NaKena Cromartie is Ms. FAMU 2011-2012

NaKena Cromartie was elected Miss FAMU 2011-2012 yesterday in a runoff election. Cromartie won the title with 1,072 votes, besting runner-up Chelsea Earby, who had 734 votes.

Cromartie, 22, a fourth-year accounting student from Tampa, Fla, came up short with votes on election night held on Tuesday with 1042 votes while Earby had a solid 1328, but the close count called for a run-off.

After an additional day of campaigning and voting, Cromartie claimed victory.

In other election news, Breyon Love, an accounting student from Conyers, Ga., will serve as FAMU’s 2011-2012 student body president and university trustee.

“Thanks so much for everyone’s love, prayers and support. I look forward to [an] awesome next year,” Love said through his Twitter account. “FAMU today, tomorrow, and forever.”

His vice-president-elect is Troy Harris, a business administration student from Atlanta.

The two will take office in May.