Meet Miss FAMU Candidates: NaKena, Chelsea and Tiffany

In the 2011 spring elections, three candidates ran for Miss FAMU. Chelsea Earby, Tiffany McLeod, and NaKena Cromartie are the elected running candidates. All three young ladies have been actively promoting the campaigns throughout campus.

Chelsea Earby, 21, a third-year, Biology/Pre-Med major from Detroit, so far has spent $3,000 in her campaign election that includes sponsors.

“It was money that I dedicated to this, because I felt like it was an investment in not only my future, but the future of other rattlers who I want to have a positive effect on.” Earby said.

Earby’s ‘Epic’ Platform, emphasis student enrollment quality, rattler pride, student integrity, and communication between FAMU students and faculty.

Tiffany McLeod, 21, is a third-year English major from Tallahassee. Tiffany’s campaign signified ‘Charm’.

McLeod’s platform recognizes community service, health awareness, student academics & recruitment, and raising student morale. Her platform also initiates a scholarship for one student.

“I wish to improve the caliber of students we recruit. Although our recruitment level is at its highest, sometimes it’s not about quantity; it’s about the quality of the students that we bring in. In addition, I also want to improve the communication with administration,” McLeod said.

McLeod has spent roughly $2,500 on her campaign election, with donations included.

NaKena Cromartie, 22, is a fourth-year accounting major from Tampa, Fl.

Excellence with Cromartie is her platform. Cromartie’s platform has title’s that represent each platform idea.

Her platform ideas are, programs to train new students about FAMU, enhancing student vocabulary, volunteering in the community and acknowledging the legacy of FAMU through quilt squares.

“I want to improve the morale at FAMU,” Cromartie said. “I believe students can learn and talk about exactly why they came here, what FAMU had done for them, and how it will ignite and energize to do more on campus.

Nakena’s campaign is the least costly out of all the candidates; the cost is under $1,000.

“Were running a poor man’s campaign, grass roots,” said Vincent Evans, 22, a political science/ pre-law major from Jacksonville.

Cromartie also plans to still carry out her platform ideas even if she doesn’t win as Miss Florida A&M.

The current Miss Florida A&M Kindall Johnson, and previous Miss FAMU, Demetria Henderson are inspiration to all the running candidates.

“Demetria is still an inspiration to me until this day,” McLeod said.