Intramural Sports lack seating for fans

Lack of seating may hinder supporters from showing up to the intramural games.

Florida A&M’s campus recreation center have been preparing for the intramural basketball games that will be taking place over the next month. However, seating for people wanting to show support does not exist.

Both students and faculty have shown love for the participating in the intramural sports, but wonder why there isn’t anywhere for them to sit and enjoy.

“The past couple of games we’ve had a lot of people come out to support, but leave upset because there was no where for them to sit,” Loren James, a senior engineering student from Jacksonville, said.

The recreation center staff didn’t realize that the transition from Gaither gym to the recreation center would have that much of an impact on the student body wanting to show up more.

“We were more focused on getting everything set up for the intramural basketball-tournament,” said Briana Hatcher, a student staff member at the recreation center, when asked about the lack of seating in the gym.

The gym consists of a basketball court on one side and the other side is used for inside tennis games or wrestling matches.

“If the flooring was different. There may have been room to include some bleachers for everyone to sit. Instead, we have to stand and watch the game,” FAMU staff worker Adrian Green said. “I’m just shocked that they wouldn’t think to include seating where games would be hosted.

All students don’t seem to be affected by the fact that there isn’t seating at the games.

“I actually enjoyed the game,” D’Andra Escoffery, a senior nursing student from Ft. Lauderdale, said. “I arrived at the game early enough so that I wouldn’t have to worry about looking over someone’s shoulder to see.”

Some concerns have been that it may become too crowded in the corner where most people stand, leaving students wanting to leave the game.

“I believe that more students would come to the games if they were allowed to sit on the court floor or had some chairs to sit in,” said Ackerly Barnett, a sophomore criminal justice student from Miami. “I actually saw people leave due to it being over-crowded.”

This is an issue that the FAMU recreation centers plans to handle for upcoming games.