FAMU Offers Eight-Week, On-Campus, Weight-Loss Program

Then sign up to be a part of “Step It Up”, an eight-week program sponsored by the FAMU Health Center & FAMU Campus Recreation Center, is helping students who want to shed some pounds and tone up just in time to show off for spring break.

Feb. 17 – April 14, students and faculty are invited to work out. The cost for faculty and staff is $50 and $40 for students. This includes a T-shirt, one-on-one sessions with a fitness trainer and other incentives.

“We came up with the idea with the student health center so that we could reach out to students that need a little help or motivation,” said Brian Ringpfiel, coordinator of the program. “The idea is similar to weight watchers, yet it is more convenient for students because it is on campus.”

Ringpfiel said the eight-week long session is a weight loss group combined with a resistance training program. Group meetings will be held every Thursday for an hour, and participants will also be encouraged to workout individually.

“Students will get help with making better food choices and a program that will help analyze your meal plan for you,” said Ringpfiel.

If the program is a success, Ringpfiel said the recreational center will consider having it again over the summer.

For more information contact George Heimbach at george.heimbach@famu.edu/850-412-5515 or Brian at 850-561-2655.