Tally Hosts First Annual LGBT Business Expo this Weekend

Tallahassee will welcome its first annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Business Expo on Saturday.

The LGBT Business Partners, a group within the Family Tree Community Center, is hosting the Expo.

Local business owners, managers, sales people and non-profit organizations, along with the city’s LGBT community and its supporters will gather at the Old Marie Livingston’s Steakhouse, now the North Monroe Conference Center.

“We’ve never had an event like this in the Tallahassee area. We’re pulling together in order to cater to the community,” said chair of the LGBT Business Expo, Greta Langley.

The Family Tree is a community center that provides support and services for LGBT citizens and others in the Big Bend area. This center has existed in Tallahassee for over ten years, as a safe place for people desiring to know more and seeking advocacy concerning LGBT issues.

Residents of the community feel this is an extremely powerful initiative for the community.

“It’s great that Tallahassee is allowing LGBT to hold such a positive event. People shouldn’t be judged on their sexual preference, but the kindness in their heart,” said Tallahassee resident Shaniska Alexander.

Adam Frink, a third year biology student, agrees that the event is beneficial to Tallahassee.

“I think its a great thing to have, its all about Diversity within our community and helping our community thrive .If I have the time I’ll definitely go check it out,” said Frink.

“We’re expected 500 to 600 people, maybe even 700,” said Langley.

“We’d be thrilled with that.”

There will be raffle prizes, give-aways and goody bags for the guests.

Business Expo vendors will include photographers, churches, insurance providers and lawyers located in the Big Bend area. This event has been advertised on radio stations as well as newspapers.

The Family Tree also hosts other events, including the PRIDEFEST, an annual community celebration that brings people together to promote and celebrate diversity. PRIDEFEST is The Family Tree’s most popular event.

The Business Expo will be held at the North Monroe Conference Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday. This event is free to the public who are urged to attend, interact and learn about the businesses showcasing their products and services.

“Yes, people do need to know about this event,” said Langley.

To find out more information about the LGBT Business Expo and for The Family Tree and all of its groups, visit staff@familytreecenter.org