Duo Finds Steals and Deals in City

It’s impossible to have a dull moment in Tallahassee if you have become acquainted with the shortcut guys, Ismael Sangare and Bugra Demirel. The duo has developed the “one-stop shop to your social life.”

When Sangare and Demirel recommend the best restaurant deals and nightclub venues in town, they are simply doing their jobs as co-founders of What’s Good in Tally?

The website was created by Sangare and Demirel to provide free online informational services. It lists all the deals and specials around town, along with local events on a daily basis.

“We list deals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour, nightlife and after hours,” said Demirel.

Sangare, 21, a fourth-year accounting student at FAMU from Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, partnered with his former roommate Demirel, 24, an FSU graduate from Alanya, Turkey, to create the advertising website that serves as the go-to site for dining specials, two-for-one margaritas and nightlife entertainment every day of the week.

Known as the shortcut guys because of the convenience of their site, Sangare and Demirel became friends during their membership in Model United Nations at TCC. From there, the two would become roommates and business partners.

Both have lived in Tallahassee for over six years. During that time, they have become familiar with the city’s social life and can expertly inform students on popular hotspots from Sunday to Saturday.

“My former roommate and I had a mental calendar; Monday we go here, Thursday we go there and Sunday we do this,” said Sangare.

An idea that started out as a playful proposal of trial and error would become an ongoing resource for college students looking to eat, socialize and drink during leisure time.

“To be honest, when we started whatsgoodintally.com, we did not aim for a profit. Our mission was to find the right concept and draw people’s attention,” said Demirel.

Through word-of-mouth the site would gain a large fan base. A service that originally catered to students has now attracted some of Tallahassee’s locals. This positive response has pushed Sangare and Demirel to extend their services to other cities.

“Our objective is to expand to other college towns and eventually big cities like New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas,” said Demirel.

There is no charge to businesses who want to publicize their latest discounts on the site. Revenue for the site comes from “banner advertising” from businesses who want to post ads for additional exposure; otherwise the service is free to the public. “A win-win situation,” is a recurring motto of both guys.

Both Sangare and Demirel have transferred the basic business concepts they learned at FAMU and FSU and applied them to developing their site. “We are taught the ability to recognize opportunity and turning those circumstances into a viable business,” said Sangare. “You focus on building a brand, increasing your profits and minimizing costs.”

The website is a product of Demirel’s business, marketing and economic classes at FSU.

“I learned how to look around to see what is missing, what people like and what is popular,” Demirel said. “I also wanted to see if there is appropriate supply for people’s needs.”

Sangare said the opportunity to work with the many influential voices at FAMU has assisted in the success of his business.

Jennifer Collins, assistant professor of management at the School of Business and Industry, is just one of many who has made an impact on the student turned entrepreneur.

Collins provides courses on the principles of management, personnel management, business policy and strategic management. When asked about the fundamentals of a successful business, Collins advised that students have a well-rounded management team. “Making sure you have a solid business plan and that you’ve done your homework and that you know there is need for your product or service,” said Collins.