Committee Searches for New Head of Information Technology

The search committee is conducting a national and international search to find the best candidate to fill the Chief of Information Technology position. The deadline for applications is March 14.

Former CIO Robert T. Seniors was removed from the position at the start of the Spring semester and was demoted to associate director of Information technology. As of now, the position is temporary occupied by Michael A. James until a replacement is found.

The search committee for the vacant position includes several FAMU officials such as Enterprise Information Technology employees Gwen Carroll, Charles Reid and Matthew Gaines.

Dean of school of business and industry Shawnta Friday-Stroud is the chairperson for the search committee. She explained how the committee conducts their recruitment for applicants.

Friday-Stroud said that the committee is responsible for conducting the search and all applicants will be screened after the application deadline. Only five to six candidates will be interviewed on campus.

Faculty and students have a chance to vote on which of the five will be in the running for the final three spots. After the final three are selected, President Ammons and Vice President of Administrative and Financial Services Teresa Hardee will choose the CIO.

“The search committee will have 45 minute feedback sessions with students faculty and EIT staff,” Friday-Stroud said.

Friday-Stroud said that the committee has developed a feedback form that will allow the general public to rate the candidates during the feedback sessions. The destination and meeting times for these sessions are undecided for now, but Friday-Stroud explained that the committee will factor the ratings into the decisions.

According to information of the vacant position on the FAMU website, the CIO should have a master’s degree in information systems, computer science or any related field. Candidates could also apply if they have seven years of appropriate experience along with a bachelor’s degree in information systems.

All applications will be sent to Principal of Hodge Partners Euris Belle.

Hodge Partners is a search firm that is assisting FAMU in recruiting a CIO and the recruitment process has spawned international attention.

“We had someone send their resume written in French,” belle said.

The search committee will be reviewing interview questions prior to the deadline, making sure the questions are up-to-date and all of the candidates are meeting the job’s requirement.