Top Nine Pets Peeves about FAMU Elections

Top 9 pet peeves about student elections

1. Harassment on the Set:

Clearly I have on headphones and I’m waiting on the bus… I do not

want to talk to you or hear what you have to say, but, I will take

that zebra cake off your hands.

2. Aggravating Facebook invitations and wall posts:

No, I’m not going to your event, nor do I want to accept your group

invite. Decline. And by the way, if I declined you once I’m going to

decline you again.

3. Email invitations:

First of all, how did you get my personal email addresss, and second

of all, just because I declined you on Facebook does not mean I won’t

spam you in my yahoo, gmail, or hotmail inbox.

4. Blocking building entrances:

You may not have class at 12:30, but I do, so move.

5. Noise outside buildings:

Disturbing the peace anyone?

6. LIes, lies, and more lies:

Most of the candidates don’t live up to their campaign pitch anyway.

Sound familiar? (Cough… last election …cough)

7. Campaign vs. popularity contest:

Is this for the betterment of students on campus or is it just about you?

8. Lame slogans:

It is bad enough real politicians do it, but seriously, some of these

candidates are going to get caught up in some kind of copyright

lawsuit one day.

9. Littering:

So, I see more fliers and brochures than grass on campus now. If you

care so much about FAMU, then why don’t you clean up all the fliers

that you pass out and we drop on the ground when you are not looking.