Lady Rattlers Look Forward to Baltimore Bowling Matches

The Florida A&M Lady Rattlers continue their bowling tournament in Baltimore.

Co-captain Ashley Melson, a senior, “I’m looking forward to see how this game turns out. We’ve been working hard and I believe it will pay off.”

The Lady Rattlers took third in the bowling tournament two weeks ago, but plan to have a turn-around game later today.

“Sometimes you have to take a loss in order to build yourself back up as a team,” Melson said.

The Lady Rattlers couldn’t stay down long because they have to prepare for their next couple of games before the championship game in March.

“We have to keep each other motivated,” said senior captain Jazmin Bingham. “If we focused solely on the bad, then no good would ever prosper.”

During practices the Lady Rattlers act as if they’re already at a game. While in practice the Lady Rattlers go over their chants they use for motivation and getting the game hyped.

“Sometimes I imagine I’m already at the game facing my opponent,” Melson said. “It makes it easier not to lose focus when I’m around other teams, because I’m already in my zone.”

Since the repairs have been made, the Lady Rattlers are now able to practice in Galimore Lanes. Though there aren’t any home games left, the team agrees that it’s a much better setting being in a familiar environment.

“It’s one thing to practice in your own home, but when you put in your mind, that any place can be home, the challenge and victory is priceless,” said Bingham when asked how she felt about being back in Galimore Lanes.

Although the student body won’t be able to attend the bowling match this weekend, the Lady Rattlers are aware that they have the support from students and faculty.

“It makes my day when I receive text or phone calls from family and friends wishing me well when I have an away game,” Melson said. “It lets me know they care and show support even when they aren’t able to attend the games.”