‘Just Go With It’ Maintains Status Quo

“Just Go With It,” is the perfect Valentine’s Day date movie. Unfortunately, it’s about as cliché as giving a box of candy and flowers to a date.

If you’ve already seen the stage play, “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” and “Problem Child 2,” then “Just Go With It” will be nothing new.

The movie stars comedian Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and a handful of supporting actors and actresses who strive to add color to a movie that is plainly black and white.

The premise of the movie surrounds Danny, played by Sandler, a love-stricken doormat turned playboy. After overhearing his bride-to-be speak poorly about his family and compare his nose to a zucchini, heartbroken Danny develops a scheme to get the ladies without ever having to commit.

Zeroing in on some women’s nurturing natures, Danny dons his wedding ring and comes up with sap stories about his imaginary abusive wife; ranging from infidelity to physical abuse to drug addiction.

Danny’s plan works until he meets who he believes is his dream woman Palmer, played by the sexy Brooklyn Decker. Everything goes well until Palmer discovers Danny’s “marriage.”

Forced to come up with a quick lie, Danny panics and says he is getting a divorce-enter Aniston’s character Katherine. An overworked and stressed out single mother, Katherine works as Danny’s assistant, whose occupation is a successful plastic surgeon. Along with Katherine’s multiple daily duties, Danny enlists her as his divorce wife-to-be.

Lie after lie dig Danny and Katherine into a hole so deep that by the middle of the movie, both have been “married twice,” and are stuck in an abusive relationship with two kids. The kids are the only honest component within the web of lies, as they are actually Katherine’s actual kids.

Bailee Madison stars as Maggie and Griffin Gluck stars as Michael, the lovable but mischievous kids that swindle Danny’s money and con him into taking them to Hawaii. Within a cliché film, the kids gave the movie a funny edge with their adult dialogue and mature mannerisms.

While “Just Go With It,” was a joy to watch, you could almost see the kiss between Katherine and Danny at the opening credits. It was over before it even began, but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, so, I just went with it.