Black Archives Honors War Heroes

This year, the United States will begin its five-year celebration of the 150th anniversary of the American civil war. This sesquicentennial will show the contributions of blacks and their role in the military.

“Every year the Black Archives does an event in correlation of the National Black History month theme,” said Director and event coordinator Murell Dawson.

This year’s national theme is “Blacks in the Civil War.” Florida A&M’s Student Government Association, in collaboration with the Meek- Eaton Black Archives, will honor heroes and trailblazers in an event called “Forever Brave: A Community Celebration of the African- American Military Experience.”

The event starts Friday at 10:30 a.m. and will celebrate and recognize the contributions of African Americans through music, historical re-enactments, and dramatic interpretations.

“It is to reinforce, emphasize, and celebrate the fact that African-Americans have and still contribute to our nation’s history,” said Dawson.

“The military is one of the hundreds of things African Americans have done for this country, and it’s something that not just us as blacks, but everyone should be proud of.”

Friday is also the opening of a new and special exhibition, “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: African Americans during the Civil War.”