They are not ignorant, you just don’t agree with them

What is the difference between ignorance and something the majority just doesn’t want to hear?

The dictionary defines ignorance as a “lack of knowledge, education, or awareness.” To call someone ignorant is to challenge his or her awareness on a certain situation. 

You are basically saying that person should not speak because that person does not know what he or she is talking about.

The main word I’ve heard used to describe the FSU College Republicans lately is “ignorant.”  The Republicans over at the school on the other side of the train tracks decided to hop on a national bandwagon – other schools are doing this – and have an Anti-Affirmative Action Bake Sale.

Whether or not you agree with these people you cannot call them ignorant. 

The College Republicans are not a stupid bunch of people living under rocks and surviving off moonshine.   They are college students.  They attend an institution of higher learning and haven’t been kicked out yet.

That almost makes them like us right?

The Grand Ole Party of FSU is saying things we don’t like.  Its bake sale was something everyone dismissed as ignorance.  It is actually a pretty clever ploy for attention.

I disagree with what these students are saying.  I disagree with many, but not all, conservative viewpoints.  I don’t think what they did was necessarily right.  What I won’t ever do, however, is call them ignorant.

Dismissing what these students did as ignorance is foolish.   It is actually playing into their hands in a way.  We ignore their calculated efforts at removing progress and eventually said progress will be removed.

The “ignorant” have a nasty habit of dismantling things and changing them to their liking.   People ignore what they think is irrelevant or foolish and the people they ignore rise and multiply.

If you don’t like what the FSU College Republicans have to say then take a stand.  Ignoring and dismissing things won’t make them disappear.

They’ll just shout louder to make their voices heard.