V-Day: For Lovers Only?

Another year and another Valentine’s Day is in the works.

People are walking around campus with either one of two feelings: excited for love being in the air or sick of love being in the air.

Although nowadays, we associate this day with gifts of chocolate, teddy bears and flowers being bought and exchanged to show a form of love or attraction-because they are clearly not the same.

But truthfully, according to history.com, Valentine’s Day origins are sort of a mystery. Of course it involves Saint Valentine who had become a martyr in the Catholic Church. But that’s where the similarities end. For Catholics, there are three different versions of Saint Valentine or Valentinus’ story.

One version was that he defied a pope who outlawed marriage, by continuing to perform marriages.

Another is that he was executed for helping Christian prisoners escape from brutal Roman rule. And the third version is that Valentine himself sent a letter to his beloved, while he was in prison- the first, “valentine,” before he was executed. We can’t help but notice he died in all three cases though…

Logistics aside, Valentine’s Day is the day of love.

Whether we are single, dating, engaged, married or whatever, let’s spread a little. Who cares that we may not have a significant other?

Buy yourself a box of chocolates or do a Valentine’s Day gift exchange with your friends. It puts a smile on everyone’s face, which is what Valentine’s Day is about right? Not how much someone spent on some flowers and a big teddy bear, but the thought that someone actually put in an effort to show you they care/love you.

There’s nothing wrong with that now is there?

 Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day from the FAMUan.