Hotels are supposed to be clean… right?

Spring Break is almost here. In a month from now thousands of book wormed college students will escape cabin fever and flood the scene of many hot vacation spots.

Hotel businesses will be booming in the usual spring fling. But before students make their dash, we need to be aware of the conditions of many hotel rooms across the country.

A recent report conducted by lists 2011 top ten dirtiest hotels. It found a number of rooms with deplorable sanitation conditions, bug infestation, and poor building management.

Unfortunately, two Florida hotels made the list one in Daytona Beach and Miami Beach. These are two very attractive spots that could take many by surprise if left uninformed. Many of these hotels are in popular beach locations.

The tenth spot is the Echo Lodge Newark International Airport in Elizabeth, New Jersey; with reports of numerous bug bites of bed bugs on customers. Palm Grove Hotel and Suites of Virginia Beach, Virginia takes the ninth spot with mold and residue covering the walls and ceilings of rooms, which poses as a health hazard. At number eight, mouse fences located in the bathrooms of the Super Eight Estes Park in Estes, Park Colorado creates an awful scene for visitors. Roadway Inn in Williamsville, New York holds the seventh spot with reports of crust white stains on blankets and sheets, as well as torn wall frames exposing moldy sheetrock.

Miami Beaches’ Atlantic Beach Hotel has deteriorating door frames around the entrance dangerously revealing wires, peeling paint, and holes in the walls. Reviewers say that “it’s probably more sanitary to sleep in the bathroom of the room.”

Halfway through the list at number five is the Polynesian Beachand Golf Resort of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. There have been cases of lingering garbage in and outside the hotel. Janitors and maintenance obviously failed to with the up keeping of the rooms. The garbage attracts rats and roaches which bringsall sorts of sanitation problems. The Hotel Carter in New York City comes in at number four with dirty bathtubs filled with dirt and grime. The walls of the bathroom have old broken tile lined with mildew, also posing a health hazard.

The other Florida destination at number three is the Desert InnResort in Daytona Beach. Bugs are the problem here. Dead cockroaches have been found all over hotel rooms. It looked as if someone massacred a roach tribe and left them there. This is a problem that no paying customer should have to deal with. At number two, the Jack London Inn of Oakland, California was so filthy that a customer had to buy socks so that his feet wouldn’t touch the carpet. Once again maintenance failed to clean or replace a dirty carpet filled with liquid stains of all sorts, and a horrible odor.

Finally, the dirtiest Hotel of 2011 is the Grand Resort Hotel andConvention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This hotel has a bad rep for its sanitation issues and poor maintenance. There was a report of dirt at least ½” thick in the bathtub which was filled with lots of hair.

It is very important to research and find out about hotels, before we take reservations. In a time of fun and relaxation, the last thing we want to stress about is disgusting rooms with poor quality that undeserving people pay their money for.