No New Nursing Dean – for Now

School officials decided against picking any of the four candidates for interviews pending the university’s current restructuring. 

Eight faculty members from the School of Nursing served Friday on the search committee to choose interviewees for the job as the school’s next Dean. Verian D. Thomas headed the meeting.

She emphasized it is very important that the committee closely examines all four applicants before the interview process.

“The school of nursing is at a point where we need change, we need to make sure we are able to bring in someone who is ready to change some things in the curriculum and bring the school of nursing back up to speed,” said Thomas. “It is critical we bring in someone who will be ready for the task at hand.”

The committee discussed the qualifications of each applicant, and the recency of each applicant’s publications. They also looked for experience, which is key, not only in the field on nursing but also in administration. They graded all applicants and discusse their favorites for the next round of selection. 

However, out of the four applicants, the committee chose not to invite anyone.

The search committee made a motion to place the search process on a hold until there is more information about the university’s restructuring and what the university has in store for the School of Nursing.

Chinna Abel, a senior nursing student is pleased with the search committee’s decision and agrees with the committee and said that the school of nursing can function with a interim dean in the meantime.”The School of Nursing is very demanding and bringing in a new dean who may not know what to expect from the high expectations of the school or FAMU as whole, I don’t think would be a good idea. Especially during the university’s restructuring,” said Abel. “I strongly agree with the search committee. They shouldn’t name an interim dean until we find someone who can take on the challenge to the best of their ability.”

According to the university’s website, graduates in FAMU’s pharmacy, public health, and nursing programs recently achieved 100 percent pass rates on their respective professional licensure examinations. “I want that one statistic to stay the same” FAMU Nursing Alumnus Jodie Williams said. “I want the best for my university and personally my school. At the end of the day it’s about equipping the students for the working world. I feel as if the search committee made a great decision for the school’s future.”

For more information or if you have any question, contact, Verian D. Thomas at 850-599-3505 or e-mail