Money Woes Don’t Dash Hope

Life has a way of testing your faith to see how strong you really are. It’s up to you to get over those tough obstacles. As everyone knows, I’ve been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma since last semester while still trying to keep my life together, and I’ve been stressed out more than ever. To make things worse, around a week ago I was scammed out of a good amount of money, by someone I thought was a friend.

This “friend” called and asked me for a favor. The favor led to him over drafting my account by $1900. I take some responsibility for trusting people with my personal information, but I honestly didn’t think anything of this favor. It turns out that I wasn’t this guy’s first victim. He has been stealing money from people, especially women, for a while now and I suppose that’s how he supports his career as a “rapper.”

Sometimes my judgment of character isn’t always the best and I tend to let the wrong people into my circle. I must be more selective of people I call friends.

Maybe I can take this as a lesson learned that not everyone has your best interests at heart. Some people live in the moment and just think of themselves, no matter if their decisions end up hurting other people. I just wish I didn’t have to deal with it right now on top of my situation; I honestly felt like giving up.

And then I went to my chemotherapy session last Friday, and I was reminded of how much I’ve already overcome.

My doctors scheduled a pet scan for me, to find out if there has been any progress. As nervous as I am, I can’t wait to see if all of this is finally going to pay off. The scan will determine if I will be finished with chemotherapy after my last four treatments or if I will have to take other measures.

The future is not something that’s predictable but you can always hope and try to make it as best as you can. Doing

positive things with your life and keeping positive people around is always a great approach.

I can’t see my future right now, but I’m ready for what’s next. I want to share a poem with you I wrote.


“Sheltered Thoughts”

Reminiscing back to those days when my innocence was pure

My reaction to your absence slowing revealing itself to this unstable life.

-Weeping only to the pages of my diary where I express true thoughts;

-I felt trapped and frustrated that my voice as loud as I speak is never heard.

-Simple gestures of love never presenting itself;

-My innocence begins to dissolve.

-Turning to a world of fake emotions and sarcastic smiles;

-Creating falsified passion attached to created love;

-Just to fill the voids of what was never there.

-Souls takers of masculine silhouettes comforting my desires and fooling me with beautiful compliments and seductive stares.

-I bleed to wash away the imposters that taunted my broken spirits.

-Crying not because of self inflicted pain;

-Only what it stood for.

-Straying away from lies created by a self hating me;

-I plead with my soul to free my desires.

Also, can we wrap her poem in some kind of cool graphic or something to make it stand out from the rest of the text?