We live, we learn, we fail, we succeed


Failure is a natural part of life. Recognizing and overcoming failure leads to success, or at the very least, an avoidance of one particular type of failure.


To fail is to be human. Something most fail to realize is failure is an opportunity to grow. It is not a opportunity to shut down. To give up is to do something worse than fail. Not even trying borderlines on pathetic.


As Editor in Chief I’ve said The Famuan will do what it can to set a standard of perfection. The road to perfection, sadly, is always riddled with potholes of failure.


Missteps happen. You can miss out on interview opportunities, forget your lines when you’re on live television, misspell headlines and even misspell your own name.


These are just a couple of my own failures.


The point is to recover from the failures. Put the failures behind you. Remember you’re in a position to succeed only because you were not a failure in the first place. In spite of all the mishaps and random crashes on the road to excellence, you’re still driving, pursuing your ultimate goal.


No one is perfect the first time around. Michael Jordan was told he couldn’t play defense at all before he won Defensive Player of the Year in 1998. Brett Favre wasn’t even given a chance by the Falcons before he become the most loved athlete in Wisconsin.


On a smaller scale, there isn’t a single person on the planet who can play through any game without failing once. And if you think you can, you’re lying. Perfection require practice, the repeated implementation of a skill, honing said skill until it is sharp enough to cut diamonds.


Tortured metaphors aside, the point I’m trying to make is that no success story is without failures. Take the situation in Egypt for example. One could argue that President Hosni Mubarak has failed his people. His failure has inspired a nation to come together.


While I’m sure this unity is not for a reason he’d particularly enjoy, Mubarak’s failure will inspire success. Because he has, in the eyes of his people, failed, his people are ready to usher in what they hope will be an era of success.


The is point is to not dwell on the failures. The point is always to revel in the success. Any success, no matter how small, is a testament to perfection.


Let the failures go. They’re going to happen. Always remember that in spite of how a failure can feel, the success, the perfection after the failure will completely wash that feeling away.