Reviewed: Nuberri Yogurt shop

The city of Tallahassee has added a new frozen yogurt shop to the dessert population just this past October. Conveniently located within the Publix shopping plaza off of Blair Stone Road, Nuberri Frozen Yogurt is very new, yet has already built a loyal customer base.

Mary Jo Ferros, 62, a retail associate from Tallahassee, has been visiting Nuberri at least once a week since the store’s opening.

“I first learned about Nuberri from an advertisement in a local newspaper,” Ferros said. “I come here when I get regular ice cream cravings. Whenever, I come I usually get the Taro or Mango Tango flavor yogurts without any toppings or sauces. I try to bring as many friends and family with me whenever I visit.”

Nuberri Frozen Yogurt is set up unlike traditional frozen yogurt shops where the customer points to their desired flavors and toppings for store employees to mix and serve them. Nuberri is strictly self-serving with over 30 different flavors of frozen yogurts such as, banana pudding, passion fruit, and pink lemonade.

In addition to the yogurt flavors, customers are able to choose from over 50 toppings and 7 sauces to add a decorative touch to their frozen yogurt. Nuberri offers toppings and sauces from crushed Kit Kat bars and marshmallows to broken chocolate chip cookies, chocolate fudge, and fresh fruits like Kiwi. The most popular flavors are cake batter, mango tango, and taro. The taro is a native Hawaiian plant in which the flavoring comes from its leaves.

“Even though we have a wide variety of yogurt flavors and toppings, we try to satisfy each customer with providing a tasty snack that is also healthy,” Mike Resnick, 20, a graphic design student at Florida State from Orlando said. Resnick is also shift manager at Nuberri’s. “Every yogurt flavor is made from natural ingredients. Also, since customers create their own frozen yogurt bowls, they have the option of controlling their own proportions.” Resnick has been managing Nuberri since its opening and has prior experience working in food.

Nuberri does not have a typical customer type. All types of Tallahassee residents from students, senior citizens, to babies can be found inside of the simplistic, yet brightly colored lobby of Nuberri.

Michelle Young, 43, a FAMU graduate nursing student from Tallahassee said, “Before Nuberri, whenever I would want to get frozen yogurt I would usually visit similar stores like TCBY and Yoga Berry, but now I come here more often. Today I got the cheesecake flavor and mixed in some crushed Heath bars and Sour Crawlers.”

Because each order is made uniquely by each customer, Nuberri charges 45 cents for every ounce that the completed bowl weighs. As well as offering a mixed variety of frozen flavors, Nuberri also sells already prepared containers of frozen yogurts ready to take home for $6.99 each.

“Typically a customer usually spends anywhere from $4 to $6 depending on the amount of frozen yogurt and toppings that the customer selects,” Resnick said.

Despite common comparisons between Nuberri and Fuzions frozen yogurt shops, Resnick defends Nuberri as the better option.

“Nuberri was named “Nuberri” because of the innovative way that our products are served as well as its more modern and fresh look appearance,” Resnick said.