Lady Rattlers Take Third in Bowling Tournament

FAMU Lady Rattlers Bowling Team finished in third after taking on a three-day bowling tournament this past weekend at Seminole Bowl.

“I didn’t expect us to finish in third, but I was happy to see that we were in the top three,” senior captain, Jazmin Bingham said.

The Lady Rattlers started the first day of the tournament in first place. Having a number of strikes to help them take the lead, the Lady Rattler’s spirits were high.

“To be a Rattler, you have to strike it out,” is one of the many motivational chants the Lady Rattlers use when bowling strike after strike during a match. “We were our biggest challenge,” said senior co-captain Ashley Melson, when asked what her biggest concerns were. “It’s good to know that we’re on top, but we can’t get comfortable or we’ll end up slipping.”

Various organizations came out and showed support. Something Melson says could only be positive for the team.

“It was great to see the support from the student body. It definitely helped our energy,” she said.

Day 2 was more challenging for the team. They took on the Lady Panthers of Prairie View A&M University. PVAMU would win matches four (201-189) and five (178-171) to take a 3-1 lead.

“Because we had a lot of missed spares, it made it a little more difficult to stay ahead of the game,” Bingham said.

Later on that same day, the Lady Rattlers would cut the Lady Panthers lead to 3-2 as they won game six (180-160) to force a seventh game. PVAMU would win the deciding seventh game 157-145 for the 4-2 win.

“It was a constant battle, but the support and energy from the team kept us strong,” Bingham said.

Dayna Galganski, from Sam Houston State, won tournament Most Valuable Player honors. Jazmin Bingham was the only Rattler to make the all-tournament team.

“I’m proud of our team and have high-hopes that we’ll bring home the victory for the championship,” Melson said.