FAMU Director Leaves This Month

Adriene Wright has been the Director of Development of University Affairs at FAMU for over three years. As of Feb. 11,she will be taking her skills to Florida Memorial University as the vice president of institutional advancement.

Wright is an alumnus of FAMU and said that it has been great being able to work at where she started.

“FAMU is where I got my start, so for me to have come back to support the mission of this institution is a

wonderful feeling,” Wright said. “I have learned so much from my time here and I will take all that I have

gained with me.”

During her tenure at FAMU, Wright has made her presence known in a quiet but effective way. Her colleagues

have expressed their feelings about her over the time that they have gotten to know her. Carmen Cummings, the executive director of Alumni Affairs, said that over the time that she has known Wright that she was a “quiet light.”

“She’s so humble, and has humility. She is the same in triumph as she is in controversy,” said Cummings. “It is great when you find that colleague that you can share the bond that we have. We have a sisterhood, and by that I mean she is encouraging and we have similar faith and beliefs.”

Henry Lewis, president of Florida Memorial University, is the person who decided to bring Wright into his

team. He said that her skill set makes her the ideal person to do the job that she is given.

“Dr. Wright has the experience to lead the Office of Institutional Advancement and to manage our capital

campaign,” Wright said.

The capital campaign for the university is to raise money, and is set to start very soon. Lewis said that Wright’s past work makes her capable to build relationships with other organizations.

“She has people skills with companies and Corporations. I think she can develop the rapport. She’ll be able to bridge that gap between the donor and the university,” said Lewis.

In addition, it is not just her ability to get the job done that makes Wright’s colleagues gravitate to her.

According to her assistant Angie Wiggins, Wright is someone who is an example of a great leader and a loyal person.

“When I think of Dr. Wright three words come to mind: integrity, excellence and fairness,” said Wiggins. “She leads by example, and her passion for her alma mater shines through in her interactions with internal and external donors. She will be greatly missed.”

Wiggins also said that as a director, Wright had no problem giving advice but she also wanted the input of her employees.

Wright will be starting her first day at Florida Memorial on February 21. She says that while she is moving on to another school she will always have “Rattler Pride.”