Committee Reviews Resumes for ‘Student Activities’ Director

The student activities director committee has met four times so far and is in the process of reviewing resumes.

“The committee is looking at applications and screening the applications,” said Henry Kirby, dean of students at Florida A&M. “The committee has been meeting fairly regularly. They have sent out notices via FAMU Info to the university community, which presents updates, meetings and the purpose of meetings.”
The position of student activities director is a very important position. As director, the candidate will have to work in just about every area on campus and be student oriented.
The committee consists of 10 volunteer members, three of whom are students. Each branch of student government appointed a representative to be a part of the committee.
According to Kirby, the process has been going fairly slowly.
“This is a very important position on campus,” said Edward M. Willis, associate vice president for student development and chairman of the activities director committee. “We want to make sure we get the best possible candidate.”
On Friday, the student activities committee met for several hours trying to narrow down the number of candidates. The committee has put together requirements that they are using to measure candidates by. Applicants should have some amount of experience with student affairs and student activities work, and work experience.
“Hopefully within the next few weeks, the committee will have narrowed it down to a list of candidates,” said Kirby.
Robert Carroll, Jr. is the interim student activities director.
“I think he has been doing a fantastic job,” said Kirby. “He is not only serving as the interim for student activities but he is also the permanent director for the campus recreation center, which is a lot. Several years ago, he worked as student activities director.”
The committee wants the students to meet the candidates in a general meeting. A session will be set-up to allow the students to have involvement with the candidates.
“Hopefully FAMU students will become involved with this process, when we bring the candidates on campus,” said Kirby. “It will give candidates an opportunity to meet the students. We are looking forward to getting feedback from the students. “
The next stage of the evaluation will be some type of phone interview with possible candidates.
“We would like to have a permanent director by the end of this semester,” said Willis. “We want to be as inconclusive as possible.”