Lady Rattlers Take on Three-Day Bowling Tournament

The Lady Rattlers have been practicing for weeks to prepare for this tournament.

Ashley Melson, senior, co-captain said “Looking at last week’s game, we didn’t finish where we wanted too, but this will help push harder in these next few games.”

“We plan to go into the game with high spirits in hopes of ending with the highest score,” Melson said when asked about her plans for the game.

The team wasn’t affected by the ending of last week’s game and is aware that they have to bring the heat if they plan to finish on top.

“We plan to not only bowl, but bowling to win,” Melson said. “It’s easy to go into a game knowing that you’re doing something you love, but there’s no greater feeling than to know you’re bowling for passion and for a win.”

The Lady Rattlers use the energy and the support that they have from each other and head coach Sheila Martin.

“Some concerns that I have for the team, as well as for me, is not being comfortable bowling in our own alley, especially when this is a home game,” Melson said.

Currently the bowling team isn’t able to practice in Galimore Lanes, because only two lanes are in proper working order. This makes it difficult for the team to practice and have games on campus. Until the repairs are made, the team will continue to practice at Seminole Bowl.

“I believe that if we had more support from the student body that the team, would feed off their energy and be able to perform a better game, and end with a stronger victory,” said Melson.

With only 2 home games left, the Lady Rattlers plans to set the tone for FAMU, by bring home the victory from the upcoming tournaments.

“I love my team and I love the support and dedication Coach Martin has for us,” said Melson.

All games bowling matches will be held at Seminole Bowl until further notice.