TCC Honors Leaders with 2011 Black History Calendar

Drummers exuded energy, drama and chemistry with accompanying dancers in the center. Attendees ate, drank and waited for the introduction of the Tallahassee Community College 2011 Black History Month calendar. 

The purpose of the calendar was to pay tribute to influential blacks in the Tallahassee community.
“In the last 50 years there have been many great changes in our community thanks to the African American people,” said Nancy Miller, Tallahassee-Leon County planning commissioner. 
Cherry Hall Alexander, former director of library services and coordinator of the Black History Month at
TCC, introduced the idea of a Black History Calendar. 
“Without her leadership, the calendar would not have become a reality,” said Eugene Lamb, the chair member of the TCC District Board of Trustees. “It shows how blacks have impacted this community greatly.” 
Students and supporters arrived from all over the city for the celebration. Performances included a saxophone solo by FAMU student Bernard Jackson and inspirational dance by Steps of Faith Dancers.
The 2011 theme of “Serving and Making a Difference: Civil War to Present” pays homage to veterans. This year, 19 individuals were recognized. Among those recognized was FAMU’s Student Government Association VP Breyon Love and FAMU alumnus Bradford Johnson.
Johnson obtained his bachelor’s degree in agribusiness with a minor in economics. A Tallahassee native, he served as regional co-chair of the Florida Cares Mentoring Initiative, member of the Leon County Chapter of the FAMU Alumni Association, Big Bend Hospice Community Outreach Committee, Capital City Tiger Bay Club and Silver Star Lodge #61.
“We have to make sure our history never dies,” said Lt. Gov. of Fla. Jennifer Carroll. “We have a lot to be thankful for; a lot in our history to be proud of. We have a challenge and a charge to step in the footprints and to create more for the future.”