Florida Bans Bath Salts as Residents Use to them get High


Florida has put a ban on “bath salts” due to dangerous side effects as a result of improper use of the substance.
Last week, Attorney General Pam Bondi banned the distribution of substances containing MDPV, also known as bath salts.
The substance has been moved to the list of controlled substances and is considered dangerous to those who abuse it.  
According to a news release by Bondi’s office, the ban will help law enforcement crack down on abuse of the substance.
“Due to the violent nature of the side effects involved in taking these drugs, the emergency rule will provide law enforcement with the tools necessary to take this dangerous substance off the shelves and protect the abusers from themselves as well as others,” said Bondi in the press release. 
The emergency ban is in affect for 90 days which, according to the Office of the Attorney General, will lead into the legislative session and hopefully lead to further intervention in bath salt abuse. 
Bondi also stated that consumers should not confuse these substances with other household objects.
“These are dangerous drugs that should not be confused with any type of common bath product.”
The substance goes by names such as Bolivian Bath, Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave and Ocean Burst. It is usually snorted and has side effects that include increased heart rate, severe paranoia and hallucinations.
While the state battles bath salt abuse, Tallahassee is faring quite well. Tallahassee Police Department Spokesperson David McCranie said that there have not been any reports to TPD.
“We have not had any incidents come into our department dealing with bath salts. Although there is now a ban on them, we haven’t had an instance where the substance was a part of the issue,” said McCranie. 
Sergeant Ed Cook of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office said that his office received only one call on an incident dealing with the substance. 
“This ban has given us the ability to get the drug out of the hands of abusers,” said Cook.