FAMU gets greenlight to build new pharmacy school


Florida A&M received approval from the Florida Board of Governors to expand its educational reach with a new educational center in Crestview, Fla. 
FAMU will offer a Doctor of Pharmacy program in the new center beginning in fall of 2012. The facility, which is located in downtown Crestview, was transferred by the City of Crestview to FAMU in the summer of 2010. 
President James Ammons expressed his joy and the plans for the acquisition that the university obtained. 
“We are pleased that the board voted favorably for this project that will not only extend our services to the panhandle, but provide an economic boost for the City of Crestview,” said Ammons. “When FAMU was given the land-grant status, it was envisioned that FAMU would be engaged in extension and outreach that would transform lives and communities. This center will do just that.” 
Not only does the new location provide more opportunities for FAMU, but it also provides opportunities for the people of Crestview. 
President Ammons gave thanks to Sen. Durell Peadon, Jr. and the people of Crestview for allowing FAMU to secure the location. “The people of Crestview are extremely fortunate to have a visionary and champion like Sen. Peaden who has a desire to bring economic development and high demand jobs to the region,” said Ammons.  
“We also would like to thank the city for donating this 40,000 square foot historic building to FAMU.
Crestview’s history is now a part of FAMU’s future.”
Students are also excited about the expansion. Pharmacy Student Jaslyn Adams, 20, said that while she may have graduated before the expansion is in full swing, she is glad that it is happening.
“I hope it will benefit the future students and I hope it brings more students to pharmacy,” said Adams.
Adams said that this could make the pharmacy program stronger and more diverse. But pharmacy students aren’t the only people that are joyous over the new building. 
Jason Robinson, who just graduated from FAMU last fall, said that he is glad to hear that FAMU is making so many changes to make the school a stronger entity.
“FAMU has done so many things since I left just a few weeks ago,” said Robinson. “Despite all the talks about programs being cut due to the budget, it’s good to hear that FAMU is still able to get better. It’s good that the school is tapping into another market to get students in college.”
According to a document from FAMU’s office of communications, the FAMU Pharm.D will admit students into the program as juniors.  They will complete two years of undergraduate and two years of graduate coursework at the site.  
For the first year, enrollment will be limited to five graduate students in their advanced pharmacy practice training.  
The university plans to enroll 30 undergraduate students in 2013. By 2016, FAMU anticipates that it will have 60 undergraduate and 60 graduate students at the site.
In addition to the new building in Crestview, there are also other campuses in Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando, all of which are in Florida.