Kirby: Parking is No Problem

Enrollment is at an all-time high at Florida A&M and some students claim there is insufficient parking  on campus.

However, Assistant Director of Parking Administrative Services John Kirby said there is not a parking issue.

“Students that are having trouble finding parking should try parking at the Eugenia Street lot and the Bragg stadium lot,” said Kirby. “Although these parking lots may be far from student’s classes, parking spots are usually available for students throughout the day.”

Keilan Scott, 20, a junior photography student from Orlando, said while there may be parking available, students say the parking is not in preferable locations.

“I think with the amount of students we have including faculty, there is not enough convenient parking,” said Scott. “Even if I park at the stadium, it’s too far from some of my classes.”

Kirby said Department of Public Safety staff  has spoken with Facilities Planning Department officials about the need for a second garage, but the dates and a location have not been established.

Mary Blackmon, 20, a junior education student from Orlando, said she almost ran out of gas in the garage looking for a parking space.

With the influx of so many first year students, on-campus housing has posed a problem causing many students to commute. Students are speculating that freshmen couldn’t receive parking decals until their sophomore year.

The speculation about parking services not issuing decals to freshmen is untrue. According to the Parking and Traffic Regulations handbook, “freshmen residents (in university housing) shall not be permitted to possess and register a vehicle on campus. Freshmen residents violating this provision either intentionally or fraudulently shall be referred to the University Student Disciplinary Officer.”

First year students are able to register online on the university website or at the Department of Public Safety located at 2400 Wahnish Way.

In 2005, Parking Services and the FAMU Police Department joined to form the Department of Public Safety. Any questions concerning parking violations should be handled through the police department and any appeals should be handled through the parking services department.

Students who have questions about rules and regulations should refer to the Parking and Traffic Regulations handbook. A copy of the handbook can be found and printed online at the university’s website or by visiting the department of public safety.

Visitors who need to park on campus should visit the welcome center located at 1420 Wahnish Way to secure a parking permit.

If students or faculty are having issues or have any questions about parking call (850) 561-2205.