Hampton 2nd Half Live Blog

Refresh constantly as updates will be throughout the game.

8:25 PM

Our chronicles begin with the halftime show. It’s interesting to say the least.

8:27 PM 

There is some really tall guy with tiny pants on. I’m so confused right now.

8:41 PM

New hope always comes when a new half start. I hope Hampton stops finding ways to score.

8:51 PM

Avery Moore has a unique way of changing the flow of offense. He either jacks up a triple, or he drives to the basket for the dump to the big man. Either way, its leading to a high number of free throws for the team and keeping them in this game.

8:57 PM

Hampton is attacking the post repeatedly. It ends up as either a made shots or a trip to the line.

8:57 PM

Christopher Walker set to check into the game. Good to see him back.

9:00 PM

This timeout entertainment could use a few more elements of entertainment.

9:09 PM

This game is getting heated. Amin Stevens is willing the team to victory right now.

9:13 PM

Stevens is doing it all right now. From carrying the scoring load to being an absolute monster on the glass.

9:15 PM

All out hustle has this game tied at 49 with 4:46 left to play.

9:24 PM

The Rattlers have spent a substantial amount of time on the court without a few of their key players from the first half, Moore in particular. The team is doing well with the bigger lineup that they have on the floor.

9:29 PM

34.8 seconds left, with the Rattlers up on Hampton by 3. This would be a signature win for the team considering that Hampton is on f the top 2 teams in the conference.

9:30 PM

FAMU gives up 2 consecutive offensive rebounds on free throws. BOX OUT.

9:37 PM

Amin Stevens knocks down the free throw to secure the game.