We cannot complain if we do not participate


Jan. 18, the Florida A&M Fee committee met to discuss implementing several new student fees.

The campus fee committee agreed to give both the health and athletics department a total of $1, with 75 cents going to the health department, and 25 cents to the athletic department. If these fees are implemented they will directly affect students in major ways.

I was surprised that only two students, out of the entire student body, were in attendance to observe and be aware of what’s going on, not only around our campus, but what decisions are being made on our student body’s behalf.

If we can’t make it to meetings regarding our finances but can make it to the Moon and Club 20/20, then why shouldn’t they raise and implement new fees? If we obviously don’t care about our finances, why should the fee committee care?

Now please don’t misunderstand me, I wholeheartedly believe the students who represent the student body on the committee board made rational and thorough decisions. But as future leaders of America, we should want to ensure that their views matches ours, and how can we possibly know that if we don’t attend informational meetings.

Every student who has a FAMU e-mail address received an invite to come and hear what new proposals would be presented at the meeting. So there is no excuse as to why students were not in attendance.

As a fellow rattler I believe we all want the best for our University, and the best regarding fees that are paid by us. But how can a committee effectively represent us if we aren’t there to voice our thoughts about what is going on?

We had students who were sitting on this board who wanted to allow the athletics department to implement new fees to receive more funding but didn’t want to assist our on campus health clinic.

To me that’s a little absurd, and not a belief or thought that represents my views. This is especially bolstered when considering the fact that the health department hasn’t received an increase in any funding in the last ten years, but the athletics department has steadily received increases.

 Professor Von always says in my American Literature class “True power is being in the room when decisions are being made.” Just some food for thought.