Where are the buckets? Men’s Basketball Live Blog


6:15 PM

First bucket of the game is scored by Howard’s Alphonso Leary. Lot of bad offense going on.

6:17 PM

Miss after miss after miss. The offense of both teams is killing me.


Finally, a score from FAMU by Jeffrey Kennings. Followed up by a dunk by Larry Jackson

6:23 PM

Amin Stevens just slapped Alphonso Leary’s shot back to Virginia

6:29 PM

 Free throws in practice tomorrow as back to back Hampton players miss both free throws.

6:33 PM

Steal by Howard, but the easy layup on the other end was an illusion. The shot was erased by Yannick Crowder.

6:36 PM

So FAMU calls a play and nobody moves. No points is the result.

6:38 PM

Time-out entertainment was a sorry competition. The winner won a gift card to Barnes & Noble. #thatsucks

6:41 PM

We have the worst alley-oop attempt in history to our name.

6:42 PM

So the crowd just did a wave that reminded me more of a ripple.

6:51 PM

The most exciting part of this game so far is the music.

6:56 PM


6:58 PM

These little steppers are adorable. They have kept my attention much longer than the game has.  

7:14 PM

FAMU starts the half off with a 3 pointer by Avery Moore.

7:24 PM

Scores are few and far in between with these guys. Is it the defense? 

7:27 PM

The heat game is about to come on and I’m here.

7:34 PM

Avery Moore with a bullet to Amin Stevens for the dunk. That was definitely the most memorable offensive play of the game for me.

7:49 PM

Moore is taking over the game in every facet right now. 

7:55 PM

Jeremy Dean jumped from the free throw line with a monster dunk……………………. that he missed. 

8:05 PM

Moore hits the dagger with 22.3 seconds left to play. 

Score: FAMU- 42 Howard- 35

8:10 PM

5 minutes later and this thing still will not end.

8:13 PM

It’s over…………Finally

FAMU- 45 Howard- 38