Here we go again…


The infamous YouTube sensation, Antoine Dodson, has done it again.

His new Christmas video “Chimney Intruder” song first premiered last month on Lopez Tonight,the nighttime talk show hosted by George Lopez. Its a short, sweet and ridiculous jingle about Santa Claus “climbing in yo’ windows and snatching yo’ people up. ” But don’t bother rushing to your computer: this video is as much as a waste of time as the first one.

Dodson’s 15 minutes of Internet fame started last year when his sister was attacked in their home by an intruder who alleged tried to rape her in their hometown of Huntsville, Ala.

 The uproar began when Dodson was interviewed on camera by a local news station and gave the culprit several harsh words telling him that they were going to find him and then warned the world to hide their kids, wives and even husbands because, according to him, everybody is getting raped these days.

His fame emerged when brothers Evan, Andrew and Michael Gregory got together remixed his on camera anger into a song and put it on YouTube; the remix was a hilarious hit. The trio had already built up an Internet following with their series of remixes of clips from various news shows, called “Auto-tune the News.”

Since then, Dodson has had been interviewed by NBC and several other news stations, made guest appearances at certain popular events and even had a performance on one of BET‘s award shows.

The song even made it on the Billboard charts.

If you’re asking yourself why, you’re not alone.

It seems as though the simplest and most ridiculous things get you famous these days and it already seems that Dodson is going to take advantage of his few moments of fame as long as he can: now he’s even trying to write a book.

I doubt he was unaware of these “talents” that he possesses until people started actually acknowledging him.

The hype that this man is getting is unnecessary and completely unworthy. What is entertainment coming to when we praise people like him for doing simple things like acting ignorant on television?

If you can make money off of things like this, then why be in school? I can just leave the stress of studying alone and make a rap about somebody breaking into my house.

Simplicity is clearly the height of amusement these days.

But I suppose if we’re still trying to figure out why Kim Kardashian is famous, we’re not going to get any answers about Antoine Dodson any time soon either.