Continuing to chase perfection


I’ve been with The Famuan since the second week of my freshman year. 

In truth, it was all rather odd.  I was dragged into the newsroom by Wesley Martin after he tried to interview me for a story.  I was harassed and challenged by Jaylen Christie from the moment I entered the office and told I would do big things by advisers and other editors.

Roughly five semesters later I’m sitting in an office, the Editor in Chief, making guarantees, more to myself than anyone else, that failure is not an option.

A lot has changed with The Famuan since I first came around.  The layout of the office has changed, editors have come and gone and the paper itself has evolved.   Different editors have brought different things to the table.  The one constant in The Famuan is the pursuit perfection.

Everything I’ve done, I’ve done in the pursuit of perfection.  Every section I’ve worked in I’ve pushed, chasing what others like to call “unattainable.” The pursuit of perfection is what drives most journalists.  We check and triple-check names, sources and dates, furious if we have so much as one “t” uncrossed or one “i” without a dot.

The Famuan will continue to chase perfection.  What I’ve learned in 2½ years here is chasing perfection leads to the best possible results.  Demanding a mistake-free paper for the university leads to a polished product everyone, not just the staff, can be proud of.

This is my first semester as Editor in Chief.  It is not my first time as someone who must lead. We’ll hit our snags, there will be bumps along the way, but the road this staff will travel is hopefully one that leads to perfection.

I invite you to come to the newsroom, see how we work and hopefully work with us. This university always has stories, some positive and some negative, and all of them require reporting.

I look forward to chasing and eventually capturing perfection this semester with all of you.