Terrell Pursues Success through Baseball

Eight baseball scouts came to Florida A&M University on Nov. 20. The Pro Day ended up being an amazing opportunity for Florida A&M catcher Jimmy Terrell.

Terrell, a 22-year-old business administration student with a concentration in marketing, had a workout on Wednesday, with the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers were one of the teams present at the Pro Day.

“The workout went well and the scouts were very impressed,” Terrell said.

The representatives from the Milwaukee Brewers will follow-up with Terrell on Dec. 9. To prepare for the

meeting Terrell said he plans on working on the things that were taught in the first meeting so he and the scouts

can move on to something new.

During last season, the student athlete had 124 putouts, brought in 15 runs, made 13 runs, and had a season-high

of 7 putouts at four different games.

Redshirt-sophomore pitcher and third baseman David Duncan said Terrell brings leadership and hard work to

the team and has good character. He said Terrell “all around makes the team better.”

“He would make a good catcher for somebody if he continues to work hard,” Duncan said.

Terrell said there was no team unity, vision or organization last. Terrell is optimistic about this year’s season

and said the team now has the vision and is excited to play.

“People should be excited to come watch us play this year. There will be passion on the field,” said Terrell.

Terrell spoke of returning his team to its past prominence. After helping to lead his team he said the ultimate

goal is to get drafted.

Terrell said, “We’re trying to bring the program to the way it used to be in the past, we’re trying to represent

FAMU, and we’re trying to better brand FAMU’s baseball.”

The upcoming season is first and foremost in his mind but Terrell still has the ultimate dream of making it to the

Majors fueling his actions.

“It would be a dream to even be there. Just let me walk in the stadium and be on a team,” Terrell said. “When I

get there, I just want to play.”