‘Shots Fired’ analyzes black-on-black violence

Shots fired,

Made him Lean Back too far In Da Club,

His boys shook him and told him to Walk It Out.

Witnesses said they hadn’t seen a thing-damn liars,

I told them, “He was flirting with this girl”

“Got pushed and he swung,”

“I heard 3 shots and a few people ran out,”

“Lil Jon was playing, so we didn’t hear the sirens ring.”

Beside his body on the dance floor was a girl kneeling.

She cried until she got tired.

Ambulance came. He was dead on arrival.

Shots Fired,

Claimed it was because of his Position of Power,

But he was only 15.

He was going to Winn Dixie-happy because he just got hired.

On his way, for his girl, he picked a flower,

She loved him even though he was thrifty.

Witnesses said they didn’t see a thing-damn liars.

It happened by his apartment facility at the top of the hour.

His rivals had a lot of hate for him because he and his girl were mixing.

Ambulance came and she cried till she got tired,

She’s pregnant with his child and her joy is devoured,

She’s now a single parent at the age of 16.

Shots Fired,

He was just out playing ball.

He went for a lay-up and it turned into a fade.

His mom just retired,

He started college in the fall.

Earned a scholarship and wanted to go pro with his grades.

Witnesses said they didn’t see a thing-damn liars,

I saw it go down on my way back from the mall.

His ex-girl marked him because she claimed, he gave her aids.

But that’s not true, because she was with 10 other dudes after he and her expired.

Ambulance came and mom received a call,

Told her what happened, but she blames herself for what was made.

By his casket, she cried till she got tired.

She withdraws from family and builds up a wall,

Goes out in public and puts on a masquerade.