Board of Trustees meets in Orlando

Standards for incoming Florida A&M students may become more stringent, according the Board of Trustees. Members met Wednesday at the College of Law in Orlando for a workshop on restructuring. This meeting, as well as tomorrow’s board meeting, was open to listen to via conference call. The agenda included a distance learning workshop, housing and athletic facilities, alcohol policy and profile admit policy.

One of the most impactful decisions brought up at the workshop dealt with enrollment. Specifically, a proposal was put forward that would set the cap for first-time college students at 1500 next year.

The board proposed a revision to the current alcohol policy. FAMU is a dry campus, but the revision would allow for alcohol to be served, sold or distributed at the alumni house, faculty clubhouse and the president’s box at Bragg stadium. Any event involving alcoholic beverages at which students would be present would require the approval of the vice president of student affairs. This would not allow alcoholic beverages to be served to minors, however.

The Board of Trustees also proposed a policy that would allow for the creation of a plaque, identifying members of the governing board responsible for overseeing construction of, as well as the completion date of a building.

The Education Plant Survey report, which details a list of construction projects approved by the Board of Governors, was also submitted for approval. The top five construction projects for the university included utilities and roofing, the new pharmacy building, student academic affairs, Dyson Pharmacy Building and the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering.