Be kind to your habitat

With earthquakes, hurricanes, flash floods and blizzards recurring nationwide, Global climate change is no longer a myth or a theory, but a proven scientific fact. The threat of constant upheaval from Mother Nature is a looming threat not limited to strictly one time of year. Although hurricane season has officially ended for the state of Florida today, wildfires are the newest predicted potential threat.

Ironically enough, even in Florida, cool temperatures during winter haven’t been enough to stifle the sweltering heat and perpetually dry weather. Light scattered rains have left state meteorologist Amy Godsey anticipating a wildfire season unseen since 1998, particularly in the southeastern part of the state. The year went on record as the most severe wildfire season in recent Florida history.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that Floridians stop treating the earth and people’s lives as something invincible and immortal. The world is reaching a crucial point where each person and nation is susceptible to a force beyond human control. Minor efforts like cutting off water when washing dishes, taking the bus instead of driving, cutting meat from everyday diets and recycling, can make a huge impact when done collectively. Every part of the environment is connected in a complex cycle. Investing time and energy into preserving one part, like Florida’s depleting drinkable water supply, can have a larger effect on other parts.

The “X” Generation, the offspring of a generation of troublemakers, has become too complacent and self-absorbed to notice the paramount issues plaguing society and the importance of youth involvement. Instead of acknowledging the environmental torrent that is plaguing the world, too much attention and discussion is given to Lindsay Lohan’s most recent rehab stint and Kanye West’s new album released on iTunes. Not enough attention is given to the life-changing issues that affect our everyday productivity and ability to live prolonged, healthy lives. Let this potential threat of an upcoming wildfire season serve as a reminder of how much the environment is suffering, and the personal role students play in aiding her slow demise.