FAMU VS Webber: 2nd Half Live Blog

8:08 pm

Score FAMU 55 Webber 44 with 14:57 left in the game. So far I’ve seen missed lay-ups and bad passes, but some good defense which has kept the Rattlers in the lead.

8:12 pm

Nice Block by Christopher Walker that leads to a second three in as many possessions by Reggie Lewis.

8:16 pm

Avery Moore gets into the action with a tre’ ball of his own.

8:22 pm

Missed alley-opp attempt by FAMU has the crowd a little antsy for some flashy plays now.

Famu 72 Webber 58 7:12 left in the game.

8:29 pm

The Rattlers are beating the sneakers off of Webber, literally! Webber forward Tyler Auerbacher lost his shoe on their last possession. 

8:42 pm

BALL GAME!!!!! FAMU- 93 Webber- 70