A Classic championship: Live blog

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The Florida Classic between the Florida A&M Rattlers and Bethune-Cookman Wildcats is underway. The Rattlers kicked to the Wildcats to begin the game, and the Wildcats have the ball on the 14-yard line.

(13:38, 1st)


The Rattlers score first! Senior running back Philip Sylvester just punched the ball in the end zone after a completion from junior wide receiver Kevin Elliot.

(7-0 FAMU, 12:41 1st)


The Rattlers forced the Wildcats to punt again and they will take the ball on the 6-yard line after a penalty. The Rattlers have 56 yards of total offense and a touchdown early in the first.

(7-0 FAMU, 10:53 1st)


The Wildcats just broke a long play for a gain of 26 yards. Wide receiver Jevaughn Reams caught the pass for the Wildcats.

(7-0 FAMU, 6:00 1st)


BCU running back Johnathan Moment rushed the ball in for the Wildcats’ first score of the game.

(7-6 FAMU, 5:00 1st)


T.J. Lawrence just picked up a first down on a reverse. He gained 11 yards on the carry and has been targeted several times in the first quarter of action.

(7-6 FAMU, 4:05 1st)


T.J. Lawrence just shook off a BCU defender as he walked into the end zone and extended the Rattlers’ lead. Lawrence has 63 yards of total offense in the first quarter.

(14-6 FAMU, 1:22 1st)


BCU quarterback Jackie Wilson just picked up 41 yards on scramble and the first quarter has come to a close.

(14-6 FAMU, end of 1st)


The Wildcats almost turned the ball over after a bad snap. BCU is on the 2-yard line and the team can tie the game with a touchdown and two-point conversion. It’s fourth and goal!

(14-6 FAMU, 13:08 2nd)


The Wildcats were able to score, but BCU missed its second PAT. It’s early in the game but BCU cannot afford to miss extra-points.

(14-12 FAMU, 12:59 2nd)


FAMU quarterback Austin Trainor has looked impressive early. He has eight completions for 152 yards and a touchdown. The Rattlers have gained 168 yards of total offense, while the Wildcats have picked up 199 yards.

(14-12 FAMU, 11:13 2nd)


BCU quarterback Jackie Wilson is slow to get up after taking a hit. He is slowly walking off the field now, and may return for more action.

(14-12 FAMU, 8:03 2nd)


BCU Running back Isidore Jackson just scored on a 2-yard touchdown after a pass interference penalty that gave the Wildcats a first down.

(19-14 BCU, 4:56 2nd)


Quarterback Matt Johnson picks up another first down for the Wildcats. He has 39 rushing yards on six carries.

(19-14 BCU, 1:50 2nd)


BCU receiver Eddie Poole scored on a 35-yard pass. It’s the Wildcats’ first throwing touchdown of the game.

(27-14 BCU, 1:33 2nd)


BCU safety Mike Williams picked off a pass thrown by Trainor to end the first half.

(27-14 BCU, end 1st half)


The second half started moments ago. The Rattlers have the ball on the 31-yard line after a a 21-yard reception by Lawrence. He has 73 receiving yards this afternoon.

(27-14 BCU, 12:29 3rd)


Trevor Scott connected on a 30-yard field goal attempt and the Rattlers have narrowed the lead.

(27-17 BCU, 11:58 3rd)


Safety Greg Harvey recovered a fumble for the Rattlers and FAMU will take over on offense.

(27-17 BCU, 10:22 3rd)


Sylvester scored his second touchdown of the afternoon. It was a 14-yard run to the outside and he avoided several BCU defenders on his way to the end zone.

(27-24 BCU, 9:23 3rd)


BCU receiver Eddie Poole has been tearing the Rattlers’ secondary apart. He has 105 receiving yards and a touchdown today.

(27-24 BCU, 8:35 3rd)


Sylvester was robbed of a touchdown! He was clearly in the end zone, but the refs seem to think otherwise. The Rattlers will take the ball on the 1-yard line.

(27-24 BCU, 3:45 3rd)


Lavante Page just scored on a 1-yard run for the Rattlers!

(31-27 FAMU, 2:29 3rd)


Trainor has competed 17 attempts for 250 yards and he has thrown the ball to six different receivers.

(31-27 FAMU, 12:44 4th)


Rattler fans had a minor scare when Kevin Elliot was slow to get up. The Rattlers were forced to punt and the Wildcats will take the ball on the 14-yard line.

(31-27 FAMU, 7:45 4th)


Sylvester scores his third touchdown of the game! The Rattlers win!

(38-27 FINAL)