Pi Sigma Epsilon flaunts stellar marketing skills

On a campus that boasts stellar social organizations and community service groups that benefit our people, there are a number of co-ed business fraternities that put another spin on it all. The Epsilon Psi Chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon showed just this, last weekend at their South/West Regional Conference in New Orleans, La.

A renowned marketing, sales and management fraternity, the FAMU chapter boasts a membership of over 50, 32 of which traveled to New Orleans and 10 competed. With 8 chapters in attendance, Epsilon Psi brought back 4 titles to the hill in a deserving win. Members competed in two different competitions, the Southern Regional Speakers Competition and the Pro-Am-Sell-A-Thon, the last being a year-long competition itself. Amongst the winners, 3rd year Business Administration student, Christopher Preston from Miami, brought back the 1st place title.

“The pride I felt when I heard that the winner was a Florida A&M student was amazing. To hear that out of the 32 other schools there that a winner had come from the only HBCU took my breath. But when I had heard that I was the winner I had to fight back the temptation to celebrate. I was delighted that the winner would be bringing the title back to FAMU and overjoyed that I had won.”

When asked about her members sweeping the competition, “Last fall I won the competition for our chapter, only two of us competed, me and Krystal Wilson, this allowed us to come back and train our chapter the way we felt as necessary. Our chapter has been practicing for the past 2 months but I did not know we would dominate the competition the way we did,” says, 4th Year Public Relations major and President of Pi Sigma Epsilon, Kerene Nelson from Ft. Lauderdale.

“The Epsilon Psi chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon is the only chapter in the state of Florida and I believe that now on a national level, other chapters are worried. We have never had such a big number of students participate in anything on such a large scale and now I believe nationally we are the “who’s who” school.”