Six ways to cut the federal budget deficit


1. Repeal the Patriot Act: Not only was this shamefully unconstitutional, it’s costing us billions. Since 9/11, 22 new federal departments were needlessly added, many of them created just to make sure the American people aren’t terrorists.

2. Decriminalize pot: “But what about the children?” No, we’re not saying legalize it. Just stop arresting habitual users and incurring court costs to punish them. We lose money that way. If one of the 40 percent of habitual pot users is caught, isn’t it fiscally sound to just slap them with a $250.00 fine?

3. Tax churches: If Bible- and Quran- thumpers really want the government to leave them alone, they’ll just pay them.

4. Downsize the U.S. Department of Education: Simply set federal standards and make the states adhere to those minimal requirements. It shouldn’t take $63.7 billion to enforce such regulations.

5. Pay cuts for top-level government employees: Let’s be clear, if our top government officials weren’t already well off, they probably wouldn’t be in high positions in the first place.

6. Cut funding for military weaponry development: We think armed forces in other countries understand that they don’t hold a candle to the power of the U.S. Armed Forces. We can give it a rest for now.