Green invests in athletics, intramural sports

Coach Marvin Green Jr. has been one of the most active coaches on campus over his tenure. He is the Simply Marvelous girl’s flag football coach. He is also the associate director of recreation as well as the creator of the Black Magic men’s flag football team and the golf coach.

Green is a native of Chicago. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s in sports administration from Florida A&M. He started powder puff flag football in 1994 and became the intramural coordinator in 1995.

The powder puff league was comprised of the four girl’s dormitories. He put an all-star team together of the girls from that league and made a traveling team in 1995.

That was the team’s first year at the Swamp Bowl and they lost in the quarterfinals. They eventually played their first national championship that year and finished fifth in the country.

Two years later, Green started the men’s flag football traveling team, Black Magic, and continued coaching it until 2001.

“I just wanted to help the girls really,” Green said.  The team has won four national championships in the American College Intramural Sports (ACIS) and National Intramural Recreation Sports Association (NIRSA) tournaments.

They have also won 18 regional championships and five state titles. In the last four years, the team has won more than 60 games. Since its creation the team has won more than 150 games.

“(Flag football) has kind of been a lifelong thing for me,” Green said. “I never thought the program would be this long-standing.”

April Roberts, senior from Tampa, has been with the team since she was a freshman.

“I think it is very special what he has accomplished, and I am very happy for him,” Roberts said. She is a running back for this year’s team and is a team captain.

Rita Jackson, a member of the original Simply Marvelous team, respects what Green has accomplished. “I feel overjoyed that I had the opportunity to see him start from scratch and build a dynasty,” Jackson said.  “He always made sure we stayed focused in our personal lives and that we should strive for greatness on and off of the field.”