Foster-Tanner art exhibition showcases FAMU talent

Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery is hosting an art exhibition today, featuring art from two graduating seniors in the art department. The event is from 6 – 8 p.m. and is free to the public; business casual attire is mandatory to gain entrance.

Ja’rel Dawson, 24, a senior fine arts major at Florida A&M University, said he can hardly wait to display his exhibition to the audience.

“The eyes receive more information than any other sense,” Dawson said. “Visual artwork should have the same effect on you, and if it doesn’t make you feel a certain emotion, then the artist has failed with his mission.”

Foster-Tanner is the only department that allows students to physically display their art in a professional gallery setting. The exhibition is not judged, but will give the seniors an opportunity to share with attendees their inspiration and thought process behind each piece, followed by a question and answer session from the audience.

“These exhibits are more of a communication to the viewers; our work should create an emotion, it’s not all about how it looks,” Dawson said. The participation of the senior art exhibition is a requirement for graduation, and artists are expected to have a precise knowledge of their work and answer each question thoroughly.